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At Summers Levine, LLP, we understand that dependency actions involve sensitive and often distressing circumstances for families. We are able to guide our clients through this often-difficult process with advocacy, compassion and understanding.

Our Services in Dependency Actions Include:

  • Comprehensive Legal Expertise: Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of dependency laws, regulations, and court procedures.
  • Child-Centered Approach: We prioritize the well-being and best interests of the child throughout the process.
  • Collaboration with Agencies: We work collaboratively with social services and child protective agencies to seek solutions that benefit children and families.
  • Experienced Litigation: Our seasoned litigators are prepared to represent you effectively in court when necessary.
  • Family Support: We provide comprehensive support and guidance to families, helping them navigate the complexities of dependency actions.
  • Reunification and Permanency: Our goal is to achieve reunification and permanency for families whenever possible, striving for positive outcomes that ensure a stable and nurturing environment for children.

At Summers Levine, LLP, we are dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of our client and their children facing dependency actions. Trust us to provide the legal expertise, support and advocacy needed to navigate this challenging journey and secure the best possible future for your family.