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Summers Levine, LLP is a distinguished law firm with a deep commitment to family law and understanding of the critical and specialized practice in Domestic Violence matters. Our team of dedicated attorneys specializes in providing comprehensive legal counsel and support to individuals who have experienced domestic violence, aiming to bring an end to the cycle of abuse while ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients and their children. With unwavering dedication, we stand as strong advocates against domestic violence, working tirelessly to protect your rights and provide the assistance you need. We also defend parties who are wrongfully accused of domestic violence.

Our Services in Domestic Violence Cases Include:

  • Protection Orders: We assist in obtaining restraining orders and protection orders to safeguard you from further harm.
  • Safety Planning: Our team helps you create a safety plan, ensuring you have the necessary resources and support to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • Legal Representation: We provide expert legal representation in court, advocating for your rights and interests during legal proceedings.
  • Crisis Intervention: We offer immediate crisis intervention to ensure your safety and connect you with appropriate support services.
  • Counseling and Resources: We guide you to counseling and support resources to address the emotional and psychological impact of domestic violence.
  • Child Custody and Visitation Modifications: We advocate for adjustments in child custody and visitation arrangements to protect the best interests of children in cases involving domestic violence.
  • Empowerment: Our firm empowers survivors to take control of their lives and move forward with confidence and security.

At Summers Levine, LLP, we understand the urgency and sensitivity of domestic violence cases. Trust us to be your advocates, providing the legal expertise and support you need to break free from the cycle of abuse and move toward a safer, more stable future.