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Summers Levine, LLP is your trusted partner in the realm of family law, offering legal counsel and support in the specific practice area of Guardianships. Our law firm is committed to families and individuals facing the complexities of guardianship matters. We understand the significance of guardianships and are here to provide advocacy as well as empathy and precision.

Our Services in Guardianships Include:

  • Comprehensive Legal Expertise: Benefit from our extensive knowledge of guardianship laws, regulations, and court procedures.
  • Personalized Solutions: We offer tailored legal strategies to address your unique circumstances and the specific needs of the individual under guardianship.
  • Guardianship Establishment: Our team assists in legally establishing guardianship, providing clarity and security for all parties involved.
  • Advocacy for Vulnerable Individuals: We prioritize the well-being and rights of individuals who may require guardianship, ensuring their best interests are upheld.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: We explore mediation and non-adversarial methods to find solutions that are amicable and respectful of family dynamics.
  • Estate Planning: We can integrate guardianship plans into comprehensive estate planning to provide long-term security and continuity.
  • Clear Communication: Our commitment to open and transparent communication ensures that you remain informed and empowered throughout the guardianship process.

At Summers Levine, LLP, we recognize the responsibility that comes with guardianship, and we are dedicated to providing the support and legal expertise needed to navigate this complex journey successfully. Trust us to be your compassionate advocates, working to secure the best possible future for those under guardianship.